As mentioned on the front page, a fanlisting is a place for all fans of a particular interest to come together to build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject. You're here probably because you love Silent Hill's character Cybil Bennett as much as I do. While the movie-Cybil is equally loveable (albeit in her very own, different way), this fanlisting is only for the game version of the character.

Cybil Bennett is the police officer sent from Brahms to Silent Hill (a nearby town) to investigate why all the communication and power have ceased. There she meets Harry Mason, a man looking for her lost daughter. She generously offers him a gun and helps him out along the way. Somewhere in an amusement park in the middle of the game, Cybil gets possessed. Her fate lies in the hands of Harry, the protagonist. Whether Cybil is saved or killed, escapes hell or stays in the alternate form forever, is all up to you!

At first glance, Cybil appears to be an innocent character who just happened to be there. She attempts to offer rational explanations to the strange things Harry experiences: When Harry says that Dahlia mentioned about "the darkness devouring the town", Cybil reckons it could be the effect of the drugs that Dahlia, as well as many in the town, is abusing. When Harry asks about "some other world", Cybil thinks that Harry is just very tired and needs to rest. If you're interested, here is an interesting in-depth analysis and alternate theory (that I don't entirely agree with, but it's interesting nonetheless) of the character: Cybil: The Black Queen's Pawn.

Cybil appears with several different personalities in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, but... let's just say it's probably not canon. You should play or read up on that game.

Note: The character's last name is often misspelt as "Bennet".

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